“As a trial lawyer & former Texas Judge, when my own daughter got seriously injured, I thought of no other lawyer to call to handle my daughter’s injury case except David Willis.”

– Ben C.

“When my husband got seriously injured we interviewed lots of trial lawyers until we met Mr. Willis. Instantly we knew he was the one. He didn’t let us down. His tenacity and fight changed our lives.”

– Sherry Lynn B.

“They supported me through an accident and made sure all of my medical bills were covered as well as maximizing my returns. Everyone was professional and responsive while they helped me navigate through an entirely new process. Would highly recommend!”

– Emily D.

After my husband suffered a traumatic brain injury from a fall off scaffolding on a movie set our family attorney recommended David Willis. We met him and instantly liked him. Soon he and another lawyer hired experts and filed a lawsuit against the movie producer and scaffolding company. The case was settled our of court. Mr. Willis was always there for us. In fact, we even asked him to our daughter’s quinceanera party for her 15th birthday and he and his wife came. We will forever be grateful to him.

– Linda R.